Lakefront Homes in Salem NH

Salem New Hampshire is rich in lakes and ponds, the total water surface area amounts to 1,029 acres. By far the largest lake is Canobie Lake with 373 acres, unfortunately swimming is prohibited since it is part of Salem’s water supply. Arlington Pond comes in second at 320 acres of water surface, and on this lake all recreational use is allowed.

Lake / Pond Name Size in Acres Surface Elevation
Arlington Mills Res. (Wheeler Dam) 320 162.5
Canobie Lake 373.4 219.91
Captain Pond 90.3 156
Hawkins Pond (Dug Pond) 17.3 117
Millville Lake 54 136
Shadow Lake (Hitytidy Pond) 35 159
Taylor Reservoir 12
Wilson Pond Dug Pond 32
World End Pond 95.2 114

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